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Chronic Nänij is a producer, musician, and songwriter based in the Pacific Northwest. His eccentric beats are a blend of experimental, alternative and electronic ambient sounds accompanied with heartfelt lyrics. His music has transcended stages not only from playing his own sounds but to accompanying poetry performers and collaborating with artists of many genres and influences. His emotional intuitiveness has allowed him to dive in deep into sharing freestyled stories and life happenings through a non-conventional sound.

At an early age, his family inspired and motivated him to pursue music. Thus, using this outlet later in life, as a way to overcome and understand his depression, doubt, and self-criticism. Through combining acoustic sounds he has merged his heart and synthesizers to shape his own voice. Chronic Nänij aims in helping others not feel so alone by sharing his life story.

Recently he has released his first EP, “Wishful Thinking”. A compilation of stories told through enigmatic and heartfelt sounds that are relatable to the human soul. Catch him on Instagram curating old films with his own soundtracks and adding a new storyline to the existing emotion. He continues producing and writing content that can create a better self-awareness that exposes the human condition.


1 review for Wishful Thinking -Digital Ticket-

  1. Carlos F Velasco

    Dear Timothy, I’m proud to be your Dad, but most of all, for your special talent and your original production. I wish you constant success in all your goals and plans. Never give up. With love, your Dad.

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